Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Our children die for...PNAC? Oil?

Pachacutec at firedoglake-–”Not only has every rationale for the invasion and occupation of Iraq been discredited (I’m with Atrios: I still want to know why we really went)”

Well duh OIL of course. Interesting to see the debate where Webb said we should NOT HAVE PERMANENT BASES in Iraq and forced Allen reluctantly to agree.

Iraq IS a terrorist threat. To "The Realm." Alliance between elements of their government and rogue/dual citizenship/loyalty elements of our own government. What’s good for A must be good for B. And that’s how we find ourselves on the food end of the Matrix.

PNAC goal: to get the US government to send its military to wipe out terrorist threats to their country. Sounds good until you talk to the families of the 3,000-8,000 killed [OH COME ON, you think they’re counting everyone killed? If in the helicopter or at the hospital they ARE NOT COUNTED.] and 20,000-40,000 grievously wounded.

I talked with a father of a Marine in Ramadi. The casualty rate, dead and seriously wounded, is 54%. That’s FIFTY-FOUR PERCENT. And the morale of the rest of them = ?

This makes the news here…not so much. OUR SHAME. THEIR DEATHS and their loss of eyesight, ability to think clearly ever again, arms, legs. And FOR WHAT REASON? FOR WHAT GLORIOUS NATIONAL GOAL? For the glory of the Bush administration?

Even Bush acknowledged there is no connection between 9/11 and Iraq. So WHAT THE HELL are we doing there?

God help us. God forgive us.

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