Thursday, September 28, 2006

I am happy. Truth will prevail.

From the intuitive side,

I have had a burst of happiness* about what is developing. People who treasure what is good are becoming stronger as they realize the struggle is against ACTUAL EVIL, like in the Bible. Things look grim politically, but it calls out many more people who are beginning to see the depths of where our country is now.

People serving under persecution dig deep into their souls, as trees in drought send their roots ever deeper in search of water, and determine to stand against what is wrong. Our work is to illuminate what is happening so many more people will become engaged in the struggle to save our Constitutional republic.

Encourage each other, keep moving, step by step and small stone by small stone WE WILL WIN.

*burst of happiness is extremely improbable for someone with major depression. I think it is God-given. TRUTH WILL PREVAIL.

Everyone can do something:



egregious said...

My face hurts from smiling so long. Something good is definitely happening.

Michael said...

Good, upbeat post, egregious.

I feel like my mood is tracking the national one, too; a long period of darkness, but with light just starting to emerge on the horizon.

OT, but mil gracias for your kind attribution over at firedoglake, too. (I'm the guy who came up with "No one anticipated the breach of the Levi's.") ;-)