Monday, November 27, 2006

Candle, both ends

Punaise notes that Billmon must have crawled back into his self-imposed obscurity - his site is post-free these days. MayDaze responds that he was taking a hiatus and then Foley struck and he kept posting through the election. [end fdl quotes]

Sounds familiar. Sometimes people who run at a high energy/creativity level have to rest and/or crash to regain sanity. I know a guy who used to work and work and work and then go to the hospital to recover. Maybe we can improve on this model.

I tried a couple of times to take some serious time off starting in the summer but always got sucked back in by the next egregious political development. Perhaps I will burn brightly til the end. Or perhaps I will learn to step back and reflect.

These elections were critical. We have our walking wounded among us. I could say hope it was worth it, but ya know? It was. Those of us with children, nieces and nephews, neighbor children, anyone thinking about the future will see that November of 2006 was incredibly important.

We turned back the tide.

We live not for ourselves alone.

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