Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Meaning of Life

“Try to stop unnecessary suffering. Be in awe of beauty and truth.”

———The Meaning of Life, egregious, 11/28/06 on fdl


Jo said...

After being unemployed for the last 18 months, I'd love to become an Atlantic Blogger or at least have a chance to talk to them.

**waves hand and smiles into the camera** :)

cbl said...

Good Morning to ya Lassie,

cbl here. sorry to go all personal on ya but needed somewhere to blather - delete if you need to - s'okay

egy, this is one of those days where I am frustrated with what I term 'the mental health stew' that is my partner and son. both are ADHD, no big deal, it is understood and even appreciated in our household - but both present symptoms from other 'disorders' (gawd I hate that word !)as well. not really concerned with my son as he's well adjusted, well liked and happy to greet each day. the partner is another magilla all together - same deal though - presents a little from this, a little from that, and just enough of _____ to send me around the bend from time to time - but none prevalent enough to be treated. Have learned from the Doc's who wrote Driven To Distraction (a genuine life saver) that there aren't necessarily 'discrete' issues and there may in fact be an umbrella of symptoms

what I wouldn't give to just open the DMSR, find it exactly, deal with it and move on to the land of sunshine, lollipops, and roses

am sincerely grateful for living with this as I have learned so much about how my own mind works - and thank god for on line resources ! maybe I'll find a Spectrum Disorder Support group somewhere*g*

thanks for this site egy - there are FDL caliber posts on it - thanks for letting me vent


egregious said...


Let me think about this. Might have some ideas.