Friday, December 15, 2006

Art teachers: crush yr students' spirits

Speaking of seventh grade, during which my “art” teacher gave me a C for my ultimate opus thereby crushing all further non-musical art efforts for 30 years not that we are still bitter, HA! I spent the day making lovely construction paper chains. You CAN reclaim your childhood, and it’s really fun.

More thots on creativity:
There are many of us Celtic descendants who are stormy redheads. Clearly we have something going for us biologically. Beauty, brains such as they are :) and intuition/second Sight. We are the ones who will first hear the mountain lion ready to pounce. World: you need us.


cbl said...


morning drive by

per my comments here last week

it seems the 500 pound gorilla has a name: Borderline Personality Disorder - High Functioning BP no less

Oh yeah, I'm off to see the Wizard

17 years and I'm not crazy - woo hoo !

thanks for the space egy !

btw - images of you cross my mind as I hear the hope in this song of the season

another brilliant redhead !


egregious said...

Hey cbl--

Thanks for the Christmas video, it was super!

Glad to hear there is a name for "all that," sometimes just knowing that other people have studied and thought about it helps.

Blessings on you and your family, Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year [one can only hope].