Monday, December 18, 2006

The Grinch has seasonal affective disorder?

This is the big week for those of us with seasonal depression. I start going down in mid-October, accelerate the week before Thanksgiving, and just live in dread the entire month of December. By the second week in January I start feeling better.

Am trying to get outside, ’sun on skin’ as recommended by a commenter here, to eat protein in place of starch, and to stop worrying about the entire world. Well that’s easy since things are going so well in our nation :o

All 3 kids will be home for Christmas so that’s one joy. Am trying to keep my to-do list to a minimum, like only one thing a day that has to be done. Then trying to rest and not be anxious about everything. It’s hard because I have no defenses and no reserves this time of year.

‘Touchy’ would cover it. I had to stop answering the phone because of being so grouchy.

Maybe the Grinch had seasonal affective disorder….


TeddySanFran said...



Thinking about you on this, our Day of Days -- the last before there's more SUNLIGHT.

Hope you are well today, dear.

Marion in Savannah said...

I was a horror to be around every winter until I moved to the South, and had LOTS of windows, so I really sympathize.

Just wanted to thank you here as I was seriously EPU'd at FDL when I responded to your post about the "worst gift ever." Lordy, how I howled! It's just what I'm planning on doing next Christmas for my sister-in-law. (Who does have a sense of humor, thank heaven.) Thank you, thank you, thank you!