Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Loss of a child, the nightmare scenario.

Loss of your child. The nightmare scenario.

Listening to Matthews and Edwards at UNC. Edwards had a child die, Matthews talks about a lost child? I don’t know the details.

Gore had a serious incident with his son. Bush grew up with the ghost of his lost sibling, and was arguably emotionally deformed by this loss and his parents’ distance and grief.

People’s lives are shaped by the loss or the immanent loss of someone in their immediate family. I have dedicated my adult post-kid years to helping save the lives of young children.

I work with newborns because my older brother died at age 3 hours of prematurity and atelectasis. I have had 8 miscarriages to produce these 3 lovely children. I know about loss.

Am I trying to address too fine of a problem? Should we instead focus on trying to stop our government from setting into motion the circumstances resulting in the killing of people by the hundreds of thousands in places like Iraq?

I personally experience the loss of small numbers of babies and work from there. I intellectually understand the loss of many more; the loss of hundreds of thousands of people weighs on my conscience. I have worked to make peace with a nation that over the decades was our likely enemy in WWIII.

I feel that I am one war behind. Hope that younger people are motivated to work for peace in the middle east.

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