Sunday, December 10, 2006

The true meaning of Christmas.

Ya know, I don't always agree with posts at the motherblog.

In the bah humbug category,

your recommendations for gifts which will destroy the spirit of Christmas

Honestly this is not where I am. I am FOR the spirit of Christmas, which is to think about things eternal, give to the poor, forgive people that have hurt me, reach out to those who are estranged from family and friends, show great tenderness to those who are facing extreme old age and death, and consider how I might contribute to REAL peace on earth.

My idea of a Christmas present is to fly hundreds of miles to take my 78 yr old aunt, who is losing her mind, to her very last Messiah concert. This at a time when I am supposed to be resting and recuperating from the elections and trying not to drink so much. But my aunt will not always be here.

Sorry that I cannot help here with demonizing Christmas. For me this is real.

Sorry not to pile on to the anti-religious theme, but my faith is something alive and real. It calls me out every day and makes me paradoxically more active and more humble.


You know, there are a lot of Americans, I’m gonna go ahead and say a MAJORITY of Americans, who are concerned about the direction of our nation, the war in Iraq, loss of Constitutional rights, et al.

But we are going to lose them if they think we loathe and disdain their basic belief in God.

Crashing the gate/coalition building, you want to be serious about this? Then stop demonizing people who believe in God and want the country to live up to its original ideals.

Being scornful of people who celebrate Christmas? Oh, clever, very clever, and very short-sided if you are truly interested in changing things in this country. The majority of people are real Christians, unlike Haggard and the like, and do not take kindly to having their beliefs mocked and ridiculed.

Want to be a tiny group laughing about what’s going on, with no power to change anything? Keep it up.


HotFlash said...

Hi 'gregious,

Was asking the same quesions, goh this from ET

2.) newspaperbrat says:
December 10th, 2006 at 2:02 pm *

Ed*ard Teller @ 54 HotFlash @

neokneme @ 42

Oho, ET — dread lox after all! Diane B. up for another run?

I haven’t spoken with Diane since ahe went back east to help her son in his prosthetic physical therapy. I’m sure the Dem machine, sensing Young’s vulnerability, will give her NO support in the 2008 Dem primary, just like they gave her NO support in 2006.

She’s anti-war, which means no Rahm bucks, and she’s anti-ANWR development, which loses her ten points in Alaska. Plus, she’s Tlingit, which loses her another five or more points - especially among undecided voters.

If she decides to run - 1) I’ll be there, and 2) I’ll let the doggies and Howie know.

Diane Benson ended her fine campaign some six thousand dollars in debt. Firepups so inclined are encouraged to send her some money love to help wipe her debt out.

Diane Benson
US Congress 2006
P.O. Box 200408
Anchorage,AK 99520

HotFlash said...

You said:
Not so easy. Will return to what constitutes normal in my life sometime later in January. Trying to be authentic while trying to keep head above water. How long can I tread water.

The answer is: plenty long enough. Namaste.

egregious said...

Thanks hotflash, I appreciate your comments and your moral support.