Monday, January 08, 2007

The next Einstein

A comment by T- at firedoglake about Marcy Wheeler's new book gets me to thinking. T- says "This is a hell of an idea. All you redstaters: Call every single public library in your state and request this book. They are all right next to each other in the phone book. No excuses.

[opens THE cabinet looking for phone book and sh** falls out all over the place]"
end of T- comment

My response:
You sound like me. In my case both the creativity and the stuffed to overflowing cabinets are ADHD. Our creativity will save the world. If we can find what we need.

The idea and desire to contact every single library...that's ADHD. We can accomplish miracles, under the right working conditions. Getting the right working conditions, that's the bane of our existence. If you know somebody like this, brilliantly creative but disorganized to a ridiculous extreme, help them. You may be helping the next Einstein. Or at least the next egregious.

[My first use of colored text! ADHD-esque excitement.]


egregious said...

3 Words: Colored File Folders.

If you get this, you are either ADHD or sympatico.

Anonymous said...

Colored file folders ain't gonna do it. I have those, but that only deals with 0.001% of the mess. Loved your comment about creative but disorganized to an extreme degree. I identify. And, so, what is the right environment? I think we need to put together some simple tips and mantras for ADHDs such as us.

I am a longtime FDLer, but prefer to remain anonymous. So, I'll try to remember to ID myself as anon48, hence forth.


egregious said...


I hear you.

Ok i have to admit that colored file folders, great as they are, only deal with a tiny part of the chaos that is our daily existance.

Agree, we definitely need to share coping strategies.

I have a hodgepodge of stuff that sort of works when it's not Dec-Jan [seasonal depression].

What keeps you going?

egregious said...


You made it. Thanks for persevering.

I am happy that you tried again, and ready to offer you an ear/shoulder for whatever is on your mind.

Welcome to egregiousWorld, where all mental health issues are just our daily bread and butter.