Monday, January 08, 2007

My muse rescued from obscurity

Depression/creativity breakthru!

After many, many silent months---I made my way to the piano [steinway B for you music people] and played Let All Things Now Living from memory and added the descant which I wrote. It plays well by flute which I often played in years past when I was feeling better.

Mixing verses---
Let all things now living A song of thanksgiving To God our creator Triumphantly raise. Who fashioned and made us Protected and stayed us By guiding us on to The end of our days.

[switch to 2nd verse...i feel it.]
We too should be voicing Our love and rejoicing With glad adoration, A song let us raise! Til all things now living Unite in thanksgiving To God in the highest Hosanna and praise!

Chariots of Fire---God made me for a purpose, China [Russia]. But when I run [play music] I feel His pleasure.

Rejoice! After much suffering, which I myself have experienced, we will prevail. Good WILL triumph over evil in the end. Keep the faith, look to the future when the present is sad. I know sadness. We will go beyond the present darkness.

So grateful that I am able to play music once again. Obstacles melt. Touching the Source.


egregious said...

We will go beyond the present darkness.

Anonymous said...

I surely hope so. Left you a comment down below.


egregious said...


I await your thoughts about how people like us can cope.

At 55 [and how the he** did that happen??] I am just beginning to figure out ways to guide my energy in more productive ways.

The destructive ways, I've got that covered. Trying to make small improvements. Small steps....