Sunday, January 14, 2007

Webb: "Invasion and Occupation"

Senator James Webb [I just LOVE saying that} pulls his weight on the Armed Services Committee interviewing General Pace.

He called the so-called war in Iraq: an "invasion and occupation." This is from a Marine platoon leader in Vietnam, and Secretary of the Navy. His words about military engagement are not carelessly chosen.

He had a sharp reply for Senator Lindsey Graham about why people join the military. It is not for "policy," which Graham was putting forth on behalf of the Administration, but because they love their country, have a family tradition of serving in the military, are looking for camaraderie, or are trying to better themselves. Policy indeed.

I missed the hearing and then missed the C-Span rerun. At least I was able to alert fdl folk about the rerun, maybe some kind person taped it for YouTube. [This is on the edge of being abbrev if not already. uTb?]

In another conversation, with Secretary Rice, he asked if the Administration would go to war against Iran without the approval of Congress. Answer: Hint. It wasn't no. Not no means yes. Of course it's a moot point as we are by some indications already in Iran with special forces.

Am so grateful we helped elect Webb. I began in February 2006 when his ratings were in the asterisk range. Read about his candidacy and said This Is It.

Called up and sent a check. Got involved with get out the vote efforts. Attended meetings and actually had to Talk With People™, agony for shy little egregious. Surprised myself by calling friends and asking them to donate.

Met with Webb, and Governor Warner, and gave each of them with my business card. On the back, the egregious political platform:

Domestic policy: the Constitution
Foreign policy: Geneva Conventions

If we lose these, we have truly lost our way as a nation.


egregious said...

Mental illness open house, as always. Welcome to those who are not always welcome elsewhere in this unforgiving world.

I've got OCD, ADHD, and bipolar. Creative, but deeply stressed. This war is making me sick. Literally.

What's on your mind?

Oklahoma kiddo said...

Shock and Oil: Iraq's Billions & the White House Connection

egregious said...

Cousin! Good to hear from you and thanks for link.

Don't worry I won't mention a certain NY senator :)

What's for dinner? You always have the greatest homemade stuff.

Oklahoma kiddo said...
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egregious said...

I guess I deleted my own comment!


Did I disagree with myself?

A kind of Leaves of Grass reaction?

egregious said...

Anyhoo what I -wanted- to say is that I had a vision involving my Uncle Alan a couple of weeks ago. Hope it was just hello instead of a warning that we will lose someone. These things can go either way.

Oklahoma kiddo said...

Reuben sandwiches earlier for supper. Tomorrow for dinner: slow cooked, stove-top pintos and ham hocks, fried cornbread, raisin and carrot salad, hot tea. Ya'll come.

"These things can go either way", so say the stories.

egregious said...

Cousin Ok,

Can I just come there and live with you? :)

Such food...

Food for thought and the real thing. Good combination.

egregious said...

I have an eating disorder dating back to my teenage years.

Turbocharged by fighting back against ADHD minute to minute urges to do something anything eat? So I learned not to eat all the time. And to push back against the desire to eat. And then the idea of cooking.

Tho I do make a mean Thanksgiving dinner. All are invited.

So I'm curious to hear about fdl people and their attitude toward food. It seems...almost positive and happy. How can that be. I am open to learning and changing my attitude.

I was only in serious anorexia once, in high school when I lost 30 pounds and weighed 103 and STILL thot I was fat. A neighbor doctor helped me turn that around, bless him.

Food: the enemy, fuel, or pleasure. Discuss.

Katherine said...

I like your political platform on the back of your cards. Great idea and great content.