Saturday, February 17, 2007

My world. Welcome.

For the record:

Not my world—I am a newbie wrt courtroom and mediaroom etiquette.

My world—if somebody tells you that you are being followed, don’t start looking around. Then they know that you know. Yay years of working in Russia, you kind of know when the hair on the back of yr neck stands up.

In Not My World I experience criticism about not knowing the dance steps. I think the funniest was observing everybody standing up in the courtroom at the lunch break. Within two seconds I realized this was an "ALL RISE" and I whooshed myself up off the bench.

Also apparently one is not supposed to say anything about other people in the media room. I think this is not talking about their conversations if that takes away from their ability to write a unique story, but perhaps it is beyond that and I still don't get it. Would not be the first time.

And finally, one does not speak to others in court. Guilty of being star struck. I have a policy of not bothering famous people that I encounter in real life. Apparently that works because there are so few people that impress me. Kind of imperial, yes? In this case I acted against my own policy. What can I say. I'm human.


egregious said...

What's on your [heavily redacted :) mind]?

NZ Expat said...

Hey egregious,

I'm trying to corral a whole lot of things, preparatory to going back to the US. Health insurance is a reality check.

I'm also uneasy about being around large groups of Americans again. When I left, I still felt stigmatized as "too intense about politics" and "radical," though what has happened is worse than I feared. At first, I'll just keep my head down and be the caregiver to my children.

I've not be on fdl much lately....did you get reamed by someone for something you did when you were at court? A simple thank you is practicing gratitude....gratitude is never wrong.