Friday, February 23, 2007

Rest? What would that be like?

No verdict today in the Libby trial.

It's been fun, in a manic kind of way, to share this waiting experience with thousands of FDL folk. I'm feeling happy about being given a set of keys to help behind the scenes. I have a set of keys for our department at the children's hospital in Russia. It makes me feel that I am included and needed, both important to my psyche.

So many comments made me laugh out loud. When I suggested that sufficient pacing would constitute aerobic exercise, Rayne said she was at that moment trying to figure out how to connect her laptop to her treadmill. Commenter squirrel hiller asked who else had a blood pressure cuff right by the keyboard. Looseheadprop and littleprop talked about prosecutor mom jumping 10 feet every time the phone rang. HAHA I typed rant. It's a habit.

It's been that kind of a day.

So when the news came, no need to keep the vigil until Monday, all of a sudden I was SO TIRED. I have several interesting projects for this evening which have mostly lost their appeal. I don't want to do anything. Well...maybe some puzzles :) But all other plans will apparently have to wait until tomorrow.

Is this what other people experience, the setting down of work, and the adoption of, what do you call it, rest?

I am the mother of three. The oldest of seven. The daughter of a bipolar parent. The founder of a charity that literally saves lives. If I ever knew what rest was, I have forgotten.

Rest, relaxation, re-creation. A different set of keys. I need them too.


egregious said...

How do the rest of you rest?

lolo said...

Hi, I love peeking in on egregious. It's me lolo. You are such a sweet spirit. I really enjoy your input at FDL. Your honesty about yourself is very interesting. You my dear are not alone. Thank you for sharing and I am really happy that you got to go to see Fitz with the girls. You deserve it for all the good things that you do. You've got the keys.

yellowdog jim said...

thanks for your comments by the Lake,
we get no rest.
our son is in 2nd grade.
i try to rest while he sleeps.

may Fitzmas bring you your every wish.

(i take 10mg of lexapro every day.)

Shez said...

Hi egregious,
Oh you wonderful soul you. Loved your list for “lead, follow or get out of the way” that I just read at FDL. You are an inspiration to us all.

Wanted to pop over and let you know you can email me anytime if you need some help figuring out some things about Blogger and getting stuff into your sidebar, as you've brought up lately. This new version of Blogger has its pros and cons doesn't it.

Much love to you!
shez (underscore_) spiriteye at yahoo dot com

WVBlue said...

Just found your blog (via FDL). Wunderbar!

One of the ways I rest is by blogging (reading, writing, startign off into space). Every now and then I take a rest from resting and manage to get the work done I'm resting from.

Wait, I just describing my creative avoidance strategy of not doing work.

I would call it procrastination, except I decided I don't have any time to procrastinate--I've put off procrastination until tomorrow. ;)

egregious said...

"Every now and then I take a rest from resting and manage to get the work done I'm resting from."

No, seriously, this is profound. The creative tension between two things you are not quite motivated to do can push you over the line into doing one of them.

Big shout out to my buds lolo, yellowdog jim [what IS that picture?], shez---thx for the offer of help, and procrastinator wvblue.

We'll get Christy to run for office, even if it's not this year :)

WVBlue said...