Saturday, February 24, 2007

Everyone can do something

Lead. Follow. Support. Teach. Learn.
Everyone can do something to help.

I'm working on a list of reasons why people feel that they can't help, and some ideas for them.

No money---give time and encouragement.

Don't know any families in need---even in communities that look wealthy there are pockets of hidden need. Local ministers might be able to point you in the right direction.

Live in isolation or homebound---work remotely on the internet. Pray or send positive energy for those who need it.

Too needy oneself---sometimes doing for others is a reality check and a strange source of encouragement. During the worst of my depression years I would take the wee lassies and go sing at the local nursing home. They made me feel useful, young, and vigorous. A win-win.

Handicapped oneself---get together with other people and encourage each other. Together see if you can figure out some way of reaching out to the community.

Everyone can do something.
Lead. Follow. Support. Teach. Learn.

Quote of the Day, from Tom Maxwell of Squirrel Nut Zippers:

"I realized partly through this [his small son's cancer] that in all things I needed to be relentlessly loving and lovingly relentless."

Doesn't that just make you want to cry.
Sometimes we help most by setting a good example.


egregious said...

Can you help me lead, follow, support, teach, or learn?

I thank you.

bumzaway said...

Your comments at FDL got quite a response -- and deservedly so. I'm the guy who sent Christy the link to the Graybeards video so I followed the discussion and was quite heartened by it all. Thanks.


egregious said...


THANK YOU for the video. It was inspiring. The best of America. Contrast that with current administration neglect of the very vets they send into harms way. Don't get me started!!!

I appreciate your taking the time to come over here and comment. That is encouragement for me and I need it.

Wishing you well in your work.


ceeinbc said...

Hello, egregious, I'm a lurker, so to speak, at FDL -- have been for the last 18 months at least.

Sorry this is OT for your post but wasn't sure where I should post it since you don't have an email address listed. Please feel free to delete if inappropriate.

Having read various comments of yours on FDL as well as your profile & some of your posts here on your blog I thought you'd more than likely be 'interested' in the following.

I wondered if you'd come across & followed a number of links, all in the same line: [ZyprexaKills.tar.gz. Pass it on] & presently placed at the top of the left hand column, under "TNH's Particles" over at TNH & PNH's blog, Making Light?

The links to which I refer are regarding recently leaked sealed documents about suppressed info on Zyprexa, from Eli Lilly?


Anne said...

Great post as always and brought warm memories of my mentors at the old Alinsky Institute in Chicago way back when and who were so fond of screaming at we hapless neophyte organizers: "Lead, Follow or Get the Hell out of this place!" ;~)

On a more personal note would you shoot me an email ( I might send you a personal note - have a couple of burning questions.

egregious said...

Hi Cee,

I haven't heard anything about Zyprexa. Hope you will keep me posted.