Saturday, February 24, 2007

Second sight---blessing or curse?

Seeing into the future. They call us mentally ill, but in the past we were called the seers. The visionaries. The ones who could see the future.

We are your scouts, your birds returning with branches to the ark, your canaries in the mine.

I have the second sight but it is painful.

We are different and strange but you need us. Don't exile us for being difficult to understand. Many times we don't even understand ourselves.


egregious said...

How do you see the future?

egregious said...

Shoutout to my bud newspaperbrat. I'm with you. Check yr mail.

egregious said...

After writing about the poster with geese [lead, follow, or get out of the way] which I changed to my own: Lead, Follow, Support, Teach, Learn-------it was great to see actual geese today.

Kind of a confirmation. As I was wondering it is really a confirmation? A second enormous flock flew by. Then as my doubts lingered, a third flock flew DIRECTLY OVERHEAD. Thanks guys.

NZ Expat said...

Took a fast hard hike this afternoon, but didn't get enough steps. May step out for a few more, but there are piles all over this little rental as I try to decide what to ship, what to store, what to recyle.

How is your day treating you?

If you are trying to reach me, my email is erkroeker at yahoo dot com.

egregious said...

NZ---this is gonna work a lot better if I press the 'send' button :)