Monday, February 26, 2007

Let other people step up...hard for me

"Great minds discuss ideas
Mediocre minds discuss events
Small minds discuss people"

At FDL, blog minds multitask and can discuss everything simultaneously, at least here at the lake.

Heaven for people with ADHD. So much semi-connected stuff flying by, this is how we perceive the world in general. It’s home.

People are responding to my being sad about not being there with Jane, I could have prevented her from losing her phone---which I did once already---glasses, and wallet, and from being there to pick Marcy up from the airport at 11pm. I said I was doing my Russian work and where are my priorities?

HotFlash: "Don't worry, someone will turn them in at the Lost and Found. (((((((Egregious)))))))" LOL!!!

Egregious i guess there is a lesson there in letting go…see there are people who do step up, as they can, when they, in ways that they can. We must believe in community. Its not all on us as individuals..Will that bill pass tomarrow IF i am not there in the gallery. I made my calls to the reps. Point is we do as we can,when we can.

Besides not being there gave others a chance to step up for Jane and FDL. And likewise all these over welming socio/political issues. gotta trust those who can do, will do. And in fact are doing. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

So in order to prevent burn out we must give ourselves permission to not be all things, to all people ALL the time..

and the beauty part is ..its all turning out just fine. i second TSF..yay for the turner in lady !!!! (who turned in Jane's phone and wallet) [end quote]

---------Thank you lovely friends. This is healing.

Lead. Follow. SUPPORT. Teach. Learn.
Everyone can do something.


egregious said...

Anything or anyone you'd like to support today?

Jeanne said...

morning egregious, I followed you over here from FDL. I have a 13 yr old son with severe ADHD, ODD, OCD and mild bi-polar. (At the moment shows up as rage/crying) I just wanted to say how much I appreciate you speaking about how difficult your mental illness, espcially your ADHD. I have difficulty following my son's brain sometimes and get frustrated. You are a reminder of how difficult this is for him!!! I have had several depressive episodes and am mild bi-polar myself but have found a great cocktail and am doing really well.
As a single parent I feel I need to do everything, thanks for the reminder that I can let other people step up.

proudprogressive said...

wow in order to post i had to create a blog of my own. Anyhow. i wanted to say thank you for actually empowering more people then you realize. Its a major service. i long to share so much, live a pretty isolated life due to overwelm and more then a couple of disabilities. liver disease, anxiety, and learning disabilities which i compensated for all my life, till the wheels fell off. I am a retired social worker..its been over 7 yrs. I have worked in many many settings both medical and psychiatric and even managed care. Lived on both coasts. What a ride.
like many of us, i feel so deeply and see so clearly the incrediable problems our country has in being decent to all people. I look forward to sharing myself here. Feel free anyone to ask me anything. I firmly believe in a full service menu for families and individuals in need. I too am extremely distraught over the imperialism this country is displaying.

proudprogressive said...

Today i am off to our state capital to lobby and to pick up a friend in crisis..who needs a break in my rural abode. But i will be checking in regularly from day to day. No fancy gadgets or laptops so...don't imagine i am ignoring or have disappeared.

egregious said...

jeanne---Wo. You have a full plate indeed.

2 of my 3 little ones have the same lovely ADD/OCD/bipolar as I do, the poor angels.

Hard to distinguish what is mental illness from what is normal teenage behavior. Been there.

You are doing a lot by allowing for the possibility that he is doing the best he can under duress.

Keep being there for him, and help him understand how we can face the world. It is painful.

And get some good stuff for YOU as well. Support. Love. Cookies. [while technically not in the textbooks, I highly recommend cookies]

egregious said...


I think you are VERY BRAVE.

Hope you will dip in from time to time and share how you are doing.

Voice of experience and all that.

Blessings coming your way :)