Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Setting a good example

Three kinds of good examples today.

My pilates teacher, fellow Cherokee, who is being very brave in handling all things as her husband is in Iraq for a year. Oh yes, and more, as he is being stop lossed. They have a baby who is growing up without dad.

My commenters here at egregiousBlog who are sharing very personal and painful details of their lives. I am in awe. You guys are the greatest. You are inspiring not only me but many others who benefit from your example of courage. Keep up the good work.

A new senator that I had the good fortune to speak with again this evening. He totally gets it about Iraq and Iran, the depletion of our military, the necessity of finding a new way home.

And WHAT is that yellow thing in the sky, seems to be melting the snow?? Is it related to waiting for the jurors in the Libby trial? For those of us who are watching and waiting, everything in the world seems related to the trial.

JUSTICE. And soon please God.


egregious said...

Tell me how you wd like to set a good example, or about how others you know who have done this.

egregious said...

me to punaise-----


If I can go to a political event and Talk With People™ creating severe psychic damage [I was thinking to myself, but hey maybe to others as well why not] the least you can do is consider writing a post. Altho I haven’t taken this advice meself so why shd you