Sunday, March 11, 2007

Senator Webb on war and peace

Senator Webb [man, I just cannot stop smiling at that phrase] was great today on ABC This Week.

Let’s see if this link to the video will work. Ok looks good.

Democrats have pushed the administration into having serious diplomatic talks with the nations around Iraq.

Wounded are being severely undercounted in the official tally.

Backlog of 400,000 for transition to the VA system is part of the Walter Reed mess.

For Rayne—he says Levin is particularly effective on these issues.

He has a poker face when asked about being the VP nominee. I know his expressions pretty well, this is a question he’s obviously heard many times. He says he is enjoying being in the Senate and there is much to do.

Committees: Foreign Relations, Armed Services, Veterans Affairs

Both Armed Services and VA committees have had separate hearings and now there will be a joint hearing.

His take on the Libby trial: part of the overall politics of character assassination by Rove and others against anyone who criticizes the rush to war as he and Wilson both did.

It's so refreshing to see REAL LEADERSHIP in Washington. We have waited so long.

PS---Here's a link for all of Senator Webb's videos at his website.


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