Thursday, July 12, 2007


Yay summer, for the person with manic depression!

I just feel happy today.

Hope all my loved ones are doing well.



egregious said...

What makes you feel happy?

NZ Expat said...

Hey egregious....the sun is shining after days of rain! The mountains are beautiful with a fresh coat of snow! My lovely Tahitian students won first prize in the talent contest with their incredible dancing yesterday....I talked to my sweet son (in the States) this morning. I think, on a daily basis, I'm happier in NZ than any other place I've lived.

But I will come back in a week and a half to the US. I may spend time on a busy corner, holding an Impeach sign. I need to do some apparently useful but visible things.

NZ Expat said...

That should be apparently useless but visible things.