Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My birthday today

Today is my 56th birthday. Thanks Mother!!

I feel younger than a year ago. Something about the hope I am finding at firedoglake and elsewhere. It's filling me with something new and wonderful.



egregious said...

Have some cake and ice cream!

Party hats and balloons all around.

Riesz Fischer said...

Happy Birthday, egregious!

I just turned 56 on the 8th.

-- Riesz Fischer

NZ Expat, back in KS said...

Hey egregious! Happy Birthday a little late. So we're all the same age (I turned 56 on April 29). Hope you had a good one. Thanks for all you do.

Wordsmith said...

So you're a Leo, too!

Happy Birthday - way late! Whoot...

Happy Vacation! (more current) /smirk/