Sunday, October 21, 2007

Space Between

crossposted at firedoglake 20 october 2007

This video works for me on about five levels and not only because I like to play in the rain. Those of us who follow political events feel caught in some kind of time warp where we see things almost happen in Congress and then can't believe they've messed up again.

Do they hear us? We are in that space between, where we have knowledge of something important and are trying to raise the alarm. We feel a sense of urgency and can't understand why others don't.

Life may always feel a little off balance for those of us who are trying to create change. I wonder what I would be doing with my time if this administration had not totally shoved us into ruin.

But for the moment I'm seeing the glass half full. We---and I don't mean the progressive left, I mean FDL---are most likely responsible for one of those Blue Dog votes flipping this week. Reports of progressive victories are coming from very Red places like Alaska. Dodd and Feingold and Whitehouse are stepping up. And our reputation as one of the best communities in the blogosphere continues to grow.

Let's do what we can here in the space between. And please, take care of each other.


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egregious said...

Trying to do my bit for peace overseas and justice at home. It’s a full plate for sure. I’m going to do some new projects with Doctors Without Borders. All encouragement and support deeply needed and gratefully acknowledged. When I was little for Christmas I would ask for world peace as number one on my wish list. Who knew that I would add restoring Constitutional government just under that. Torn. I see too much. What can be done if we only will. Doing as much as I can given my own precarious perch as the mine canary. Will go as long as I can