Sunday, November 25, 2007

Can't Find My Way Home

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Clapton, East, and Knopfler creating magic, Toronto '88
h/t Wildvideoguy

On the eve of Thanksgiving Sunday when half the country is on the road, this feels like the right music. Hope all you pups found some goodness for yourselves, a visit or a great meal or a vacation or some time to think and relax.

As we pick up the reins again Monday it may seem that we've lost our way politically. Our confidence is shaken, trust in the government damaged, hope for one political party or another weakened by the cowardice of our elected representatives. How we mourn our innocence, that blind faith in the secure, stable nation we grew up in. Even during Vietnam and Watergate the country did not seem so broken.

Transitions can be difficult to manage, and that's when everybody is operating in good faith, which seems dubious as we observe the actions and inactions of the nominal leaders in the Democratic Party. Turns out we are the authentic leaders, we are creating a new path for ourselves and inviting others to join us.

I know a little bit about transitions, leaving one home and coast and establishing a new home on the other side of the country. It's kind of a rollercoaster, the adventures and disappointments, discoveries, more knowledge if not more wisdom.

Once the decision is made to change, there is an inherent momentum whether it be personal or political. We can't find our way back, but we can work together to find the way ahead.


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