Friday, November 30, 2007

Save A Life

crossposted at firedoglake 13 october 2007

We're seeing a lot of anguish on the blog and in real life these days, people becoming infuriated about administration abuses and gloomy over a Congress that refuses to hit the Stop button.

It's a geniune grief for our nation, and it's taking a toll on our psyche. Such strong emotions need to go somewhere---we fight with each other on the blog instead of uniting against the real evildoers---or worse, we take the pain internally and struggle with it there alone.

I've been pretty far down that path at times as many of you have witnessed. Thanks to teamEgregious, which includes quite a few firepups, I'm currently doing well. But there are other people who need someone to lean on, and I fear that number will soar as these outlaws damage our future.

So please, reach out and take care of each other.


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