Friday, November 30, 2007

Dire Straits

crossposted at firedoglake 22 september 2007

What a week! We are in dire straits indeed.

Our Congress---that we sacrificed so much for to elect in '06---speaks out boldly on habeas Iraq censuring freedom of speech. Bush says Hussein killed Mandela and Return on Success means it's the troops' own damn fault that we can't bring them home.

But it's not all storm clouds. The stupendous outpouring of support for the Jena 6, reported for FDL by Ben Chaneles, showed the nation and the world we will not suffer injustice silently. There was significant pushback against Blackwater in Iraq. Looseheadprop approves the judge who is up for Attorney General to replace the odious Gonzo.

And things are good at FDL. Look out world: Jane is BACK and taking names. Christy organized massive call-ins for habeas and for the Webb amendment. Senator Gary Hart came to listen to us about a range of concerns.

Let's celebrate having the A team here: TRex, Pach, Siun, Howie's continuing success with BlueAmerica, Phoenix Woman, Teddy, Eli, Tula's series on labor, Donita, Ian, Swopa, Thers, Peterr, and RJ Eskow to name just a few of our talented folks. Several commenters noted that Scarecrow has been absolutely on fire this week. A shoutout to the backstage folks that keep things going smoothly for us. Our community continues to learn how to treat each other with kindness as we head into battle again and again.

We are in this for the long haul---marathon not sprint. It's easy to see the obstacles and the dangers, but let's also take time to celebrate how far we've come and the amazing community we are becoming. Leave the Fired O'Glake by the door for the morning battle, for tonight we dance!


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