Thursday, December 06, 2007

Here's One For You

Love this version. Enjoy.

[Hey we can't be politics and raving all the time.]



Teddy said...

Happy New Year, dear!

egregious said...

This letter made me laugh but there is such truth in it.

From Hax 1.2.2008 krnewman wrote:

/>Actually, I am a fan of relationships as practiced by John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara.

Tom, do NOT, I repeat do NOT, try tearing a woman's clothes off while all the townspeople watch and then dump her in a horse tough in order to show her who has the upper hand in the relationship like in "McLintock", in fact, forget the whole Taming of the Shrew shtick, chicks do NOT dig it.

What chicks dig? Strength combined with gentleness, e.g. really strong arms that hold gently, calloused rough hands that caress softly, attention and appreciation. self-reliance with room for a partner, the ability to relax and to laugh, the ability to see everything about her, even the most mundane things like a bath or a chat over coffee as being special. Oh, and oral sex, and lots of it. With cuddling after. Simple, safe, effective. Oh, and maybe a phone call the next day about how you can't think about anything else no matter how hard you try. They also like it if they find a ugly creepy spider and you can catch it gently and take it outside and release it. Also, if you can make a pot roast that melts in their mouth, that works.

Most women only really care about just one thing with a guy when it comes to romance and love: how does he make me feel? If it's a really good feeling, they get addicted to it, and want it, and keep wanting it. The feeling? It's like this combination of safe, secure, excited, interested, appreciated, special, wanted, intellectually stimulated, amused, accepted. You can be ugly, poor, have a lousy job, whatever, and it doesn't matter. If you can make her feel that way, she's yours.
1/2/2008 12:20:34 PM