Thursday, December 06, 2007

Republicans Stall While Children Drown

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I've got yer family values right here:

Republican Senator Tom Coburn is holding up legislation that would help prevent children from drowning in pool drain accidents.

Thirty-two children drowned and another hundred were seriously injured---by drain suction pulling out their intestines or trapping a limb---between 1985 and 2004 according to the Washington Post. John Edwards had a well-known case involving this kind of injury.

Legislation to require inexpensive raised drain covers was all set to pass when Sen. Coburn [a physician!] decided we couldn't afford the $7 million---spread over the next five years---so he put a hold on it. Gee this is what, about 10 minutes of the cost of the mess in Iraq?

Sponsor Debbie Wasserman Schultz explains it actually *saves* money overall: the long run the bill would probably save taxpayer dollars by preventing fatalities and costly injuries such as brain damage caused by near-drownings.

I'll tell you what we can't afford, is a Congress that won't take care of American citizens. Demand better: Stop killing Iraqis, start saving children's lives. Now was that so hard?

P.S. Feeling like Colombo here, just one more thing...Harry Reid, how come when a Republican puts a hold on legislation, that's honored, while Sen. Dodd's hold is ignored? Just askin'.

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