Monday, January 14, 2008

Goodbye My Deer

Among the many goodbyes in preparation for moving is realizing I won't be seeing my beloved neighborhood deer anymore.

I'm in kind of a small minority of people who think there is plenty for all the creatures to eat, and that it's not too much trouble to fence in our gardens for those plants we wish to keep for ourselves.

The deer know me by voice, I call out to them and make a laid back ear-shaped gesture with my hand. This seems to reassure them, as they make the same motion with their real ears, and followup by flipping their tails to show the other deer that all is well.

Certain of them will walk towards me if I am very still and speak softly to them.

One of the sweetest compliments I ever got was from a friend who said I was like the princess in the movies where all the forest animals gathered round to hear her sing.

So it pulls at my heart to leave these lovely deer, my pets really now that dogs and rabbits [never mixed] are out of the picture. Some other interesting creatures have grown up and moved on too, tho I hope to see my children again soon.

Thinking about my deer got me all the way to the house before I realized the mail I was carrying would be the last. All mail starting tomorrow will go to my new place in California.


photo by carplips


Prairie Sunshine said...

Travel safe and true. Adventures grand are awaiting you.

egregious said...

Thank you dear Prairie :)

barbara said...

I'm new to your blog place, egregious. Even so, I wish for you safe journey, gentle arrival and long life, well lived. Peace.

egregious said...

Thanks barbara, can use some of that peace right about now. It's an exciting adventure, in between when I'm frightened about the move.

I just keep telling myself that I have done difficult things in the past, and I can do this too. People and places in California will gradually become more familiar. Crossing fingers [a Christian symbol btw] and hoping this is all true.

Prairie Sunshine said...

We'll be looking forward to your first posting from your new locale. I recommend the seals of Monterey [is that one RRRRRRRR or two....?]