Tuesday, January 15, 2008

To TeamEgregious: My Thanks

Rough day, credit card number stolen and used for several unauthorized charges.

The company was very quick to call and kind in their explanations. We cancelled this number and they are helping me get a new one asap.

Logistically it went well, but it left me quite shaken. You know, just what I don't need during a fragile time. I pushed back against this first by reaching out to my team, and then by looking at other areas of credit card vulnerability. Ended up canceling another card to keep things simpler.

If you have been an active member of the pit crew today, helping me get back up to speed, I sincerely thank you.


ferrari photo by Bob Xu


Prairie Sunshine said...

Team Egregious cheerin' you on! Even if the first few miles are a tad rocky you are on the right course. We shall think of you as the American version of LeMans, rounding curves, driving steadier as you go until you cross your finish line of a grand new frontier in the West.


One Fly said...

Sorry about the invasion of your life. A bit bumpy here just now too. I'm ready for spring.

egregious said...

Hey hugs for you, (((((one fly)))))

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egregious said...

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