Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Moon Over the North Pole

Sunset at the North Pole photo by Lucan Grant, taken from the USS Winston Churchill.

The moon looks like you could slingshot something over it from here. So much beauty in the world, as long as we don't watch what humans do to each other. Maybe we can improve on that in 2008.



Anonymous said...

Great picture, Egregious. Love it!

Ellie said...

I get lost in it... .. .


Anonymous said...

It's stolen from Inga Nielson

Anonymous said...

rofl This was not even rendered oh the ship!! Rather in Terragen!

Here it is:

Anonymous said...

Apparently, it's around the Net that it's a bogus image and copyrighted by an artist name Inge Nielsen. If you google her you'll find other of her pieces and this caption under the moon/north pole image:

Illustration Credit & Copyright: Inga Nielsen
Opis: Is this a picture of a sunset from Earth's North Pole? Regardless of urban legends circulating the Internet, the answer is no. The above scene was drawn to be an imaginary celestial place that would be calm and peaceful, and therefore titled Hideaway. The scene could not exist anywhere on the Earth because from the Earth, the Moon and the Sun always have nearly the same angular size. This is particularly apparent, for example, during solar eclipses. Still, the scene drawn is quite striking, and the crescent part of the "moon" shown is approximately accurate given the location of the parent star. In reality, the North Pole of Earth looks different. Starting earlier this month, the North Pole even has a web camera returning near-live pictures.