Thursday, January 03, 2008

Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart

Too soon old, too late shmart -- always loved that old German phrase.

Am not really Pennsylvania Deutsch, more like Illinois.

When people ask if something will play in Peoria, I have only to ask my relatives.

Wilkum the new year! [Hat tip to friend Ellie] Hope it's not too late to make New Year's Resolutions.

(1) Reach out to other people for help first, not last, even if it's embarrassing.

(2) Try to face feelings, especially fear, without the anesthesia of alcohol.

(3) Be open to creativity, nurture it, for problem solving but also for joy.

That's not too much to ask out of one year is it?


Photo by tsmyther


Prairie Sunshine said...

Ahhhh, but we're all going to have much longer "seasoned" years, so we've plenty of time still to get the smarts and then use 'em.

egregious said...

Hey Prairie,

Sounds good! Let's go for it. My mother is still very active in church and community stuff and can beat the pants off me in Scrabble. It's inspiring.