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Good morning pups!

In struggling to make sense of the mess created by this administration, I'm grateful for teachers and guides here at the lake who illuminate the difficult terrain around us.

Whether it's scarecrow on politics, Ian on economics, loosehead or Christy writing about the law, my life is enriched by their patient explanations.

I thought it would be fun to hear from you guys about your teachers and mentors, past or present, since they shape who we are and how we think about life. 

One teacher changed the course of my life by intervening when I was being taunted by other kids for my interest in books.

Elsie Ellison, the wife of Tiger Ellison -- who was our high school coach before he went up to OSU to teach his Run & Shoot strategy -- admonished them saying they couldn't hold a candle to me unless they became eager to learn too.

I couldn't have been more astonished, or uplifted, if she had ridden into the room on horseback with a sword of fire. She proclaimed that Learning was noble, one of the highest goals.

When people grumble about not being able to do anything to resolve our political and economic problems, I like to say "Everyone can do something: lead, follow, support, teach, learn." None of these need cost any money, all are valuable.

My list [everyone must have a list now that Hugh is famous] evolved from a poster showing a flock of geese with the caption: Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way. Somehow the concept of Support sounded more productive, not to mention kinder, as the third category.

I would love to hear about your favorite teacher, your mentor, a person who came into your life and guided you at just the right moment. So let's set aside the cares of the week, help yourself to the breakfast buffet, and pull up a chair....

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