Friday, January 18, 2008

Urgent Care

This amusing brain shaped building is the neurosurgery center in Hannover Germany.

Have great memories of working at the neurosurgery and neurology departments at Mass General Hospital during the B.C. era, Before Children.

The chief of the former became the head of the Boston Symphony board, and the latter became Dean of the Harvard Medical School. I tried to train them properly.

In fact I took eldest egrdaughter with me to work for a few months until she wanted to start crawling around, then it was time to resign. There wasn't day care back then and I wouldn't have turned her over to strangers even if there was.

Have done a little hospital work since then as you know, and may yet again at Stanford.

Today's urgent task was to keep calm during the ups and downs of getting an individual health insurance plan in a different state. The insurance company seemed nervous about the line where I said I was being treated for depression. Guess we still are in the dark ages. Once again, teamEgregious to the rescue. You know who you are, and thank you.


photo by tragesessel4350


Bustednuckles said...

Some days it's just one foot in front of the other.
I hope you are getting settled in and everything has a new place to go.
Getting familiar with the peculiar traffic patterns down there,it's a peninsula so there are only so many ways you can go!
Good luck to ya EG.

egregious said...

Busted! Thank you.

Anonymous said...


I was absent much of fall from too much work. It sounds like you are on the move.

When I move, I have a list of things to do the first two weeks. Then I drop what doesn't work out. Particularly when we were moving often, I didn't have time to try things sequentially.

When the daughter was young, one item was finding a babysitting coop. That is off the list. But often, it is find a book group, find a singing group, etc. Now that I'm gearing up to move to Montana in summer, I have to get the old list out and revise it to a 56 year old's interests, instead of a young mother's.

Good luck on your travels.

Adastra (the old NZ Expat) - the new name is from the Kansas motto, Ad Astra per Aspera (To the stars through difficulties). It is a decent guide for this native Kansan.

Mary McCurnin said...

How are you liking Norcal? Did you weather the storm?
We should have another get together soon.

Prairie Sunshine said...

Adastra--how cool to learn more about you here. Good luck in Montana! It's just over the horizon from here.

Good Eg--this is the perfect example of how you've mentored and shepherded so many of us along the way.

We hope to do half so well sustaining you as you move along a fresh new pathway in your life.