Friday, February 29, 2008

Artistic License

Ok I didn't get THIS one but I did get California license plates today for my car Ooopsie, so named for her tendency to slide up the speedometer when I'm not watching.

The end of an era of having BRIARS be on my plates, both in Virginia and Massachusetts. Maybe I can get EGREG.

Realized a little late that practice tests for drivers' licenses did not cover all the questions. Might I actually have to come back in and take the test a second time? When the guy said I got a perfect score I thot he was teasing.

Guess I'm really a California girl now!


photo by alexanderljung


Suzanne said...

fork - i am sooo coveting those plates.

ca plates and driver's license means you are an official ca gal now (cue the beach boys).

in no time at all, you will be tooling down the el camino real, chatting on your hands free cell phone while drinking a latte, and taking for granted the 70 degree sunny day while the east coast is still dealing with snow yanno.

looking forward to seeing ya again at the meetup sunday.


OldCoastie said...

I'm thinking that should be MY license plate!


Prairie Sunshine said...

next thing you know, you'll be singin' Surf City and you'll be totally Californiated.