Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Laundry Blues

Ok it's been a few generations since my family washed clothes like this, but it's beginning to seem the attractive alternative.

The tiny combination washer-dryer in my new apartment takes 5 hours to mangle the clothes, leaving them a choice of (1) still wet or (2) dry, but wrinkled.

The highly recommended laundry service returned my clothes with so much icky scent on them that I had to quarantine them in a spare closet for 3 days, and stay out of the room entirely.

On the plus side, the laundry service was sufficiently open to my report that they decided to abandon their use of scented detergents and scented dryer sheets entirely. Fewer chemicals for a lot of people, I trust that's a good thing.

I suppose if this is one of my biggest problems I should simply count my blessings. But the current situation feels undignified, and being a person with depression I have to be careful about stuff like this. Is it too much to want clean clothes?


photo by cindianajones


Suzanne said...

Yikes! My full sized stacked washer/dryer is yours to use any time girlfriend. Hell, bring a couple loads up with ya on Sunday :)

I hope the next load comes back from the laundry service unscented.

Anonymous said...

Mornin' Egregious,

it's really me, cbl, just can't remember my old blogger password
am finally reconnected to toobz. your voice was among those I missed so very much.

wow, big changes for you I see. doncha fret, it'll all come out in the wash :)

catch ya back at the mothership

ps, love the doggers

Suzanne said...

left you a little love over at my place, eg