Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I Voted...I Think

First time California voter. Despite registering in time, they didn't have me on the official list. Got a provisional ballot, with a phone number to call in a month and see if my ballot was counted.

Heavy turnout, according to the poll workers. I was first in line at 7am :)

The provisional ballot guy looked at me and said "Democrat?" I wonder how he knew. Maybe from the big smile on my face.


photo by finn


Elliott said...


Prairie Sunshine said...

I cauc-ed. A torrent of people streaming into the Ramada where caucuses were held today. Dems had six hours open, Rethugs only 1 and a half. Dems swarming with people. Yay us!

Now back to my wintercold....

egregious said...

The big story today is TURNOUT. People are excited about the possibility of making things happen.