Monday, February 04, 2008

A Toast to the New Place!

The toaster and coffeemaker work. Maybe I can make this place function while my wordly belongings wander across the country for the next two weeks.


photo by crowderb


Prairie Sunshine said...

A toast to the new home place!

Here's hopin' your stuff soon follows you into the nest and eases your settling in.

egregious said...

I miss my car. Yes, material things are less important than spiritual and emotional matters. I'm trying to be philosophical about it. But if they lose Blackie, who is my stuffed animal from kindergarten, I will not be consoled.

In general things are mostly going well most of the time. Marcy tells me this means success.

"Deep breath, and good attitude" I say on the way out my front door, or into a new situation.

OldCoastie said...

coffee? what more could a body need?

(well, a car would be nice)