Monday, November 17, 2008


Need* to replenish after the exhausting journey up to the election. Daughter-west, in a great act of mercy, removed my fingers from the keyboard for some delightful spa time in SF with her over the weekend.

I was amused to realize I was beginning the journey north with a near empty tank of gas. How fitting. Then looked in my wallet and realized I was about to travel with a minimum of cash. Both pretty uncharacteristic of me, and shows how frazzled I was getting.

Fighting the temptation to just plow ahead anyway, I took the extra time to fill up with gas and cash and then start the journey. Hope I can remember this lesson in the future. It's not about logistics - it's about taking care of myself, and not last, either.

[And yes, the spa was heavenly]

Update -- *Surprised to see I wrote this in the present tense. Guess I'm still in need of re-creation.


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